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The Jacobbi Corporation was built on authenticity

Founder Joe Jacobbi was a hard-working family man with a big dream: to serve top-notch, authentic pizza to his friends and neighbors in Buffalo, NY. Nearly 70 years after he established Casa Di Pizza, authenticity continues to be the cornerstone of the Jacobbi Corporation.

We purchase and hold properties in and around western New York. Although we're proud of how far our family business has come, we prize our reputation for customer service above all else.

Our greatest success story

Our greatest success story

When Joe Jacobbi opened Casa Di Pizza in 1953, pizza hadn't yet become popular in the community. It took a while for the dish and the business to gain traction, but thankfully Joe had help from local school kids and the nearby movie theater.

Today, Casa Di Pizza is flourishing, and our family couldn't be prouder to carry on Joe's legacy. Our restaurant has stayed in the family and now operates under the management of Joe's three sons: Joe, Jimmy and Jeff.